Ever/Never changing self

This project was based on the taking of a self-reflection photograph each morning, in a village shop window as it was passed on the way to dropping a child at primary school.  It tracked the final year, of fifteen, of making this daily journey to deliver children to school.  Alongside the self-reflection photograph, a brief mood description was written.  
The project examines identity and how we exist through our daily routines, and explores an under-recognised rite of motherhood: the passing from the intensive, hands-on, early years of childhood into the remote secondary school stage. Interesting to note the lack of language available to describe the differing stages/work involved in being a mother.

The project was partially inspired by Juan Pablo Echeverrí’s “miss fotojapón” 1998 to present, but intentionally aimed to capture a self as naturally manifest, not in a state of attempting to differ.

From the project came a book, containing images and narratives, a slideshow of all the images morphing into one another, and a real-time video of the village shop front, shot between 8.50 am and 9.00 am on a weekday morning. The project also inspired some painting work, en plein air and studio-based, of the village shop front and the village bus shelter.

Village Shop(Excert)

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