Out on Delivery: Tue 13 Sep

Today: Bloom, Allen’s lane: Lurking spider, Kenneth Mckee Plain: Leaf, Ipswich Rd: Favourite graffitied lamppost caught in the sun, Christchurch Rd.

Finally a lighter and cooler day’s delivering. A day begun by the now regular spider obstacle course at 30 Kenneth Mckee Plain. I ducked under the web this morning, photographing the resident spider as I passed. Autumn feels on it’s way.

A dramatic moment watching a MontJack Deer being hit by a car in Christchurch Road. The deer seemed to roll and bounce and I thought it would be seriously injured but it jumped back up and ran off into the bushes. Another witness walked past, hand in front of her mouth in horror.

Out on Delivery: Mon 12 Sep

Today: Autumnal leaf: Delicate liquorice allsort like blooms: Fresh graffiti on Ipswich road lamp post.

Another sweaty day delivering. Double mail on the 211 loops so pretty much every call. Feels autumnal despite the summer type temperatures.

Out on Delivery: Fri 9 Sep

Today: An exquisite bloom, Ipswich Road: Reflection selfie in light well, Grove Avenue

Out of respect for the Queen the CWU cancelled our strike day late yesterday. So today was an unexpected day at work.

A memorable day, customers very chatty, often surprised to see us and sharing how sad they were that the Queen has died. A customer in Launceston terrace was dead heading his roses to cheer himself up.

Out on Delivery: Wed 7 Sep

Today: 27 Newmarket Rd glowing from the inside: Orange berries: Lime tree road walking panorama.

As we got out the van to start the walk I felt an unfamiliar sensation, cold. Lasted a brief 5mins and within the hour I was back to sweating. A typical Wednesday delivery, fancy menswear, Boden and baker ross catalogues. Booster vaccination letters for older customers.

etters for older customers.

Out on Delivery: Tue 6 Sep

Today: Noticing orange berries and pink edged foliage: walking panoramas Lime tree road.

A hectic and sweaty morning sorting in the delivery office. A seemingly endless quantity of flats to sort. Double mail on most of the walk to set in, bags Christmas heavy. Sultry sweaty day delivering, overnight rain left edges damp. More traffic again as new term gets more fully in swing with school term starting. Work an extra 1.5 hours to get all the mail delivered.

Out on Delivery: Mon 5 Sept

Today: A moment in Eagle Walk.

Moral is low in the sorting office as we arrive to frames still filled with letters and yet more mountains of sorting and parcels. We prioritise walk 211 and the sections of 206 we missed on Saturday. Hard to leave mail sat in the frame knowing it will not be delivered until tomorrow. Economists and Beano comics, which usually get delivered Saturday are sat waiting to be delivered as I type.

Delivery Office is hot and I am in a lick of sweat before the walk is set in. Tired of feeling permanently sweaty, bored of the little drips of sweat drip off my nose and ready for the weather to turn colder. 28 degrees registers on my car thermometer as I drive home.

Students and traffic are back at City College after the summer, but Ipswich road closures remain. Not feeling so keen for the upcoming strike days this Thursday and Friday as the knock on disruption is so tiring. Fingers crossed a resolution is found soon.

Off on Holiday

Thur 11 Aug

Today: A chapel on the walk to Akrotiri: sunset reflections in taverna windows: Table cloth

A walk down to the Akrotiri to the Minoan archeological site, awe inspiring and impressive. A walk to the red beach, packed with tourists if all nationalities. Wonderful sea swimming with fishes surrounding us. A dip in the pool before a meal in the Taverna next to the hotel, which was filled with the colours of the sunset.

Off on Holiday

Today: View from bedroom window: Chair and shadow on balcony: sunlight: Cactus in a pumice stone pot.

Family holiday in Santorini. Magical island. A great first day, a trip to buy provisions and lounging by the swimming pool. Heading off to see the sunset by the light house.

Out on Delivery: Sat 6 Aug

Today: Yellow verge shadow selfie: New fungus growth on the Oak tree at 47 Ipswich Road: Plentiful pears, Lime tree road.

Last day at work before a two week holiday. Feeling tired. Fresher weather and sunshine, a beautiful day. Delivering walk on my own, missing my van mate. Everywhere feels peak summer holiday.