Out on Delivery: Tue 16 May

Today: Occasionally sunny and generally warmer. A fairly indistinct day, but great to be outdoors delivering. All returning to nearer normal without the bank holiday backlogs and our growing knowledge of the new areas we deliver to.

Just learned that we will be able to set the house number for our walk for our frames which is one worry less to carry.

Out on Delivery Mon 15 May

Today: The rain and cooler weather has stripped the trees of blossom and sent the bluebells into retreat. Colour in no longer all around, mostly greens. These flowers stood out.

Quite chilly delivering, but not too much mail.

Out on Delivery: Sat 13 May

Today: Suffolk square: Puddle reflection, Walpole gardens: Blooms, Lime tree road.

Well, it didn’t rain.

Disquiet in the delivery office around the careless changing of the sorting frames, in which the walks have not been set out as you would deliver them and the majority of slots have become doubled (two delivery addresses per slot) Hard to stay engaged in giving your best when there is no engagement with you as the person who does the delivery around how the frame should/could be efficiently organised. Most slots are currently too small for the quantity of mail we currently handle.

Out on Delivery: Thu 11 May

Today: Steamy windows, van: Wet flowers, Ipswich grove: Puddle, Church Avenue. Delivery Montage based on block B, Suffolk Square

An extremely long and difficult day delivering. Bank holidays always lead to abnormally busy days. Further aggravated by a terrific thunderstorm, which rumbled and flashed and created flash flooding around the walk. Van became steamy, letters and clothes damp and the pda’s temperamental.

Finally icing on the cake was slipping on some slippy flagstones and grazing my knee.

Out on Delivery: Tue 9 May

Today: Puddle reflection, Walpole gardens: Foliage, Harford Manor Road: New leaf growth at the base of a horse chestnut tree, Church Avenue.

Three days worth of walk 206 to deliver, a big walking day. All suddenly looks green, things starting to be hidden and obscured by the foliage. Enjoy the irrepressibility of nature which is shooting green at every opportunity. Feels like you ought to be able to see the growth happening with your naked eye, if you had the patience.

A damp but warm hug of a day, all is moist.

Out on Delivery: Wed 10 May

Today: Insect trails on a letterbox in Newmarket Road: Trees, Newmarket Road: Orange, Lime tree road: Delivery Montage featuring Suffolk Square.

A rather enjoyable day, we are finally starting to get a hold on the new delivery area and in how to tackle this larger delivery area. Delivering a multitude of internet hubs, apparently needing replacing due to a lightening strike.

Warm and humid, very comfortable for delivering in. No rain and the sun peaked its head out regularly to cheer us. A mountain of door to door mail to throw off and deliver (5 pieces) all happily in the frame by the end of today.

Out on Delivery: Sat 6 May

Today: Lift reflection, Suffolk Sq: White bells, Oxford Street: Glass door panel, Walpole gardens. Delivery Montage featuring the van interior, a corridor in The Cedars and evidence of our dunkin donut treats.

We delivered under the threat of thundery rain, which held off. Mostly delivering to our new, additional roads and then running the tracks and packets around the other two walks.

Coronation day, streets are quiet and I spot people sitting in their living rooms watching the ceremony as we deliver. Some bunting on display. Feel a little salty at having to work, but cheered by Jim at The Cedars who points out that having to work is a perfect excuse not to have to watch the Coronation for hours on TV.

Out on Delivery: Fri 5 May

Today: Beautiful foliage, Newmarket Rd: Pinkest pink bush, The cedars: A random bit of ripped bag lining in s heart shape that appeared on my frame this morning.

Everyone is keen to share how busy it was yesterday (my day off) when I arrive into the office. The walk failed with tracked items returning as they ran out of time.

We aim to clear one frame and set all the rest in order. Another 10 specials for one o’clock. The morning moves well and we managed to deliver all but one tracked items.

Back into the van before it starts thundering.

Out on Delivery: Wed 3 May

Today: Sunlit trees, Benjamin Gooch Way: An alarming find, drive on Mount Pleasant: Orange Tulip, Lime tree road: Delivery Montage

A tangle of a morning trying to sort out how best to deliver to the new area with Kelly. Driving round in circles. A pacy second half delivering tracked items and 13 special deliveries. A final big loop on lower Newmarket Rd. Starting to get used to the new.

Springy spring !!