Out on Delivery

Walk 206: Saturday 25 June

Today: Anti parking stones in Church Avenue East: windscreen reflection: Sweet peas from 105a Newmarket Road: peeling bark 27 Newmarket Road.

An early start and Saturday empty roads means we make good time. A welcome breeze keeps temperature bearable. Starting to take this sunny weather for granted.

Out on Delivery

Walk 206: Friday 24 June

Today: Ground is hard and dry but the poppy always amazes me with it’s ability to florish in these conditions and in the most unlikely places: Burnt out foliage in Church Avenue: These carnations, lovingly watered, at the cedars remind me of my youth, when they seemed more ubiquitous.

A slow hot day delivering.

Out on Delivery

Walk 206: 23rd June

Today: A freshly creosote smelling gate and fence at No 8 Church Avenue: Dryer outlet pipes reflecting grit box yellow: spidery pavement shadows: Sweet peas picked at invitation at 105a Newmarket Road scenting the van.

Sticky and hot delivering. Customers out in gardens and chatty, a pleasurable morning despite heat.

Out on delivery

Walk 206: Tuesday 21st June

Today: A beautiful miniature cactus flower in a brick, Plantsman’s close: A luminous Dandelion: Window pattern, delivery office as I head home.

The summer solstice, the sun shone full on as if in celebration. Posties arriving back after delivery all exclaimed “hotter than I was expecting”. A double tray Tuesday with endless Go outdoor and loaf sofa catalogues to deliver. A much needed stop at a corner shop for refreshing cold cans of drink. Happy to be finished.

Out on delivery

Walk 206: Monday 20th June

Today: Best place to advertise a meeting, toilet door: First time delivering a Care Home professional magazine: Delivery office loading dock shadow.

A lighter Monday delivery, sunny and warm. Noticing all the greenery growth.

Out on Delivery

Walk 206: Friday 17th June

Today: This favourite moment popped again with the citric green and orange poppies: Fallen baby conkers: Accidental walking photo: Flower.

Hot, hot, hot. A very sweaty day delivering, plenty of drinks needed and the sunhat. New summer lapsing (extra delivering) on Grove Avenue which had plenty of parcels to deliver and a couple of tricky addresses to find. Fun spotting all the fathers day cards. Happy to have a weekend off.

Out on Delivery

Walk 206: Wednesday 16th June

Today: A blue x appeared overnight in Allens walk: Great light through doors at The Cedars: A wavy shadow pathway back to Mount Pleasant: Yesterday I enjoyed the dandelions and rye grass blowing in the wind in these verges, today they are mown and lifeless: A playful moment as I ascend the stairs in Sandringham Court and the green garages become visible.

The first properly hot days’s delivering, sunhat sweatily on. Hoorah for all the tree shade on this walk. Mail volumes down, so finished comfortably in time. Working partner off on her holidays from tomorrow so good mood in the van.