Ginny Bain is an artist currently living and working in Norwich, with an MA in Fine Art (Distinction), 2018, from Norwich University of the Arts.  She came to the MA from a background in Architecture, Design for Film and TV, and Theatre Set Design, bringing an understanding and interest in spaces and places, and how they create/delineate us. 

She is interested in where it is that we exist and the places, spaces, and intimacies inside which we meet ourselves. Her work is rooted in found moments of connection, captured on a smartphone, as she travels through everyday life. It explores relationships to physical locations, patterns in time, belonging, being, and becoming, through collage, assemblage, drawing, painting, and video.

Her wide, varied practice also includes daily flâneusing (and photographic blog), en plein air painting, life drawing, conversation, and knitting.  She is married with four children, one of whom is now semi-fledged, and enjoys reading, playing the piano, and making music with her family.

Curriculum Vitae