Out on Delivery: Mon 28 Nov

Today: Autumn Leaves, Church Avenue: Spider’s web, Allens Lane: Wet leaves, Ipswich Road.

A slight mist hugging us damp, it lifts later, partially. Moist droplets, catch the eye,on webs and foliage. Burnt orange is the colour of the morning with the Beech trees looking splendid. Still plenty of foliage, flowers and even a peek of lilac in a lavender bush, feels unusual for late November.

Plenty to deliver, increasing numbers of cards and ordered Christmas presents. Finally less catalogues and promotional material and the backlog of magazines which weren’t delivered last week due to the strikes.

Out on Delivery: Wed 23 Nov

Today: Wet leaves, Ipswich Grove: Leaf filled puddle, Ipswich Road

A challenging day all round. A band of heavy rain moved in and through during the course of the delivery. My waterproof coat is not quite up to the job and the van and my glasses needed constant de-misting. High volumes of letters, cards and parcels to deliver, plus collections made for a long wet, cold day.

Despite hoping for a deal to be struck we received confirmation that we are striking for the next 48 hrs. It was difficult to move around the office this morning for volumes of parcels I can’t begin to imagine the volumes we will be dealing with when we return to work Saturday…

Out on Delivery: Sat 19 Nov

Today: A little leaf waiting for me as I arrived at the van this morning, Delivery Office: Red leaves, The cedars: Round leaf, Lime tree road.

An overcast day that lifted slowly into sunshine, early out (struggled to wake some customers). Plenty of magazines again, the first trickles of Christmas cards and two Christmas door wreathes spotted !! Going to try to photograph all the wreathed door this Christmas and share them…

Out on Delivery: Fri 18 Nov

Today: A series of fallen leaves with rain drops: Leaf on van window, delivery office: Grove Avenue: Ipswich Grove: Newmarket Road

An overcast cooler day. I am really enjoying the silvery water droplets on the fallen leaves. The leaf colours are magnificent, I feel a sadness at how quickly their splendour fades. I pick some up and put in the pocket of my bag but forget to retrieve them. They will likely be crumpled, dry And distinctively less splendid when I find them tomorrow.

A normal Friday delivery, busy but not too taxing. Delivery office full of talk of the new strike dates and the offer of early retirement made yesterday.

Out on Delivery: Wed 26 Oct

Today: Fabulous colours Benjamin Gooch Way: Foliage and shadow, 7 Paxton Place: Shade of green fig, Church Avenue East: Leaf, Ipswich Grove: Leaf, Grove Avenue.

A return from another strike day. Again it felt like a Monday. The most beautiful balmy morning that took a nasty, unexpectedly wet turn in the middle. Caught out without a rain coat. Apprehensive as to what tomorrow will bring…

Out on Delivery: Fri 21 Oct

Today: 98 Newmarket Rd: 115 Newmarket Rd: 7 Plantsman Close: Limetree road: Ipswich Grove

My eyes are on the leaves today, a glorious range of colours and a damp misty day to enjoy them in. Feeling dislocated in time since we were on strike the office has a Monday flavour, everyone fresh and rested.

Working with a different colleague so a fresh energy. Just the right amount to mail to deliver for the time, so a relaxed but focussed days work. Customers chatty today. Favourite comment was “ oh I hope your not going on strike”, confirming my feelings that the strike action is mainly inconveniencing us posties.