Out on Delivery: Sat 27 May

Today: I now see these amazing bushes all over the walk, this large one in Ampthill Street looked particularly sublime in the early morning sun: Foliage patterns: Shadows in Eagle Walk.

We got out on delivery early, finishing in time to catch a much desired cooling ice cream at the Van on Mousehold heath, as we headed back to the delivery office. The Ice cream seller commented “here for your once a year ice cream”. Slightly unnerving since we had indeed only stopped for ice cream once the previous year. I think this was because it became too hot and the van often wasn’t there. Hard to imagine it being too hot in the UK for an ice cream van but it was !!

Out on Delivery: Thur 25 May

Today: Rose in Hanover road: Holly flowers, Newmarket Rd: Flowers

Working with Elliot, Kelly having a day off. Rested after my day off, I seem to be noticing all the spikey flowers and excited by seeing the Holly bush flowering.

Out on Delivery: Mon 22 May

Today: Spotting Onion flowers throughout the walk, also these intense small blue flowers, which have self seeded everywhere.

Not too much mail today, but still a double delivery of mail on 206, since it didn’t go out on Saturday and a struggle to get done in time. Starting to feel more familiar with the new frame and delivery area.

Still not clear how we are ever going to be able to complete the whole delivery.

Chillier than imagined, there was a brisk and fresh wind and not as many sunny intervals as perhaps we would like.

Struggling to stay positive.

Out on Delivery: Wed 17 May

Today: These violently pink flowers catch my attention again at the Cedars: I stop to admire a close hand view of this flowerhead as I take a naughty cut through back to Lime tree Road: Sweet Chestnut blossom, top of Ipswich Rd: Photo Montage based on Suffolk sq.

A monumentally big day, good delivery weather but exhausted by the finish of the day. 18.5 km clocked up. Tomorrow I will be moving onto a different frame !! All new roads added to the walk.

Out on Delivery: Sat 6 May

Today: Lift reflection, Suffolk Sq: White bells, Oxford Street: Glass door panel, Walpole gardens. Delivery Montage featuring the van interior, a corridor in The Cedars and evidence of our dunkin donut treats.

We delivered under the threat of thundery rain, which held off. Mostly delivering to our new, additional roads and then running the tracks and packets around the other two walks.

Coronation day, streets are quiet and I spot people sitting in their living rooms watching the ceremony as we deliver. Some bunting on display. Feel a little salty at having to work, but cheered by Jim at The Cedars who points out that having to work is a perfect excuse not to have to watch the Coronation for hours on TV.

Out on Delivery: Wed 3 May

Today: Sunlit trees, Benjamin Gooch Way: An alarming find, drive on Mount Pleasant: Orange Tulip, Lime tree road: Delivery Montage

A tangle of a morning trying to sort out how best to deliver to the new area with Kelly. Driving round in circles. A pacy second half delivering tracked items and 13 special deliveries. A final big loop on lower Newmarket Rd. Starting to get used to the new.

Springy spring !!