Out on Delivery: Sat 27 May

Today: I now see these amazing bushes all over the walk, this large one in Ampthill Street looked particularly sublime in the early morning sun: Foliage patterns: Shadows in Eagle Walk.

We got out on delivery early, finishing in time to catch a much desired cooling ice cream at the Van on Mousehold heath, as we headed back to the delivery office. The Ice cream seller commented “here for your once a year ice cream”. Slightly unnerving since we had indeed only stopped for ice cream once the previous year. I think this was because it became too hot and the van often wasn’t there. Hard to imagine it being too hot in the UK for an ice cream van but it was !!

Out on Delivery: Fri 26 May

Today: Gloriously sunny day, all looks splendid. Just slightly cooler than it looks with a stiff cooling breeze.

Happy to get all delivered, picked up pizza on the way home. Out to hear the BBC singers in the evening – fantastic concert.

Out on Delivery: Sat 13 May

Today: Suffolk square: Puddle reflection, Walpole gardens: Blooms, Lime tree road.

Well, it didn’t rain.

Disquiet in the delivery office around the careless changing of the sorting frames, in which the walks have not been set out as you would deliver them and the majority of slots have become doubled (two delivery addresses per slot) Hard to stay engaged in giving your best when there is no engagement with you as the person who does the delivery around how the frame should/could be efficiently organised. Most slots are currently too small for the quantity of mail we currently handle.

Out on Delivery: Tue 9 May

Today: Puddle reflection, Walpole gardens: Foliage, Harford Manor Road: New leaf growth at the base of a horse chestnut tree, Church Avenue.

Three days worth of walk 206 to deliver, a big walking day. All suddenly looks green, things starting to be hidden and obscured by the foliage. Enjoy the irrepressibility of nature which is shooting green at every opportunity. Feels like you ought to be able to see the growth happening with your naked eye, if you had the patience.

A damp but warm hug of a day, all is moist.

Out on Delivery: Wed 10 May

Today: Insect trails on a letterbox in Newmarket Road: Trees, Newmarket Road: Orange, Lime tree road: Delivery Montage featuring Suffolk Square.

A rather enjoyable day, we are finally starting to get a hold on the new delivery area and in how to tackle this larger delivery area. Delivering a multitude of internet hubs, apparently needing replacing due to a lightening strike.

Warm and humid, very comfortable for delivering in. No rain and the sun peaked its head out regularly to cheer us. A mountain of door to door mail to throw off and deliver (5 pieces) all happily in the frame by the end of today.

Out on Delivery: Sat 29 Apr

Today: The sun shone and all looked full, fresh, and majestic. Spring in all its glory.

Having worked super hard yesterday on the more difficult sections of the delivery today was easier. Enjoyed the company of a colleague Aiden for the third day, much laughter over what we might like to say to customers.

No longer delivering to Royal Arch Court in the new revisions, so no more selfies in the mirrored lift. Managed to catch a more enigmatic selfie in the hard core Suffolk Square lift, one of our new delivery areas.

Pleased that the week was over, been challenging managing all the new sorting and areas to deliver too, but also quite stimulating. Looking forward to becoming familiar with new favourite moments and sights.