Out on Delivery: Tue 6 Dec

Today: Pink leaf, Ipswich Road: Leaf, Mount Pleasant: Windscreen leaf visiter, Ipswich Rd: Foliage, Harford Manor Rd

Another challengingly long and damp day’s delivering. We head out at 9:00am and back at 15:45 having delivered non stop. Bundles are heavy and so we use the trolley on most loops of the walk. My head is down, pushing on with the delivery and so it is the leaves on the ground I notice mostly today.

Out on Delivery: Mon 21 Nov

Today: First frost, windscreen of van: Still unable to deliver to no 9 Newmarket Road: A little leaf that floated it’s way into my delivery bag: A favourite bush, Ipswich Road, muting gently into winter.

A difficult early morning meeting where we learn of the changes being imposed on our working day/patterns. More walks to go and the work to be redistributed to all, despite our often unachievable work loads. Moral is low, with more strikes looming.

A tear of happiness shed at the end of the walk seeing my colleagues, seconds old, new baby granddaughter via FaceTime.

Out on Delivery: Mon 7 Nov

Today: Dissolving leaf: Mossy paving, Ipswich Rd, Oat leaf on grass sprouting gravel.

Over the weekend the seasons turned a corner. Autumn leaves are mulching away and a bleaker wintery feeling is emerging. An absence of recent strike action means the delivery was a normal lighter Monday. Talk in the office of a possible resolution nearing. Fingers crossed.

Out on Delivery: Tue 18 Oct

Today: Bright morning light reflection off delivery office, Roundtree Way: Autumn colours and light, Thomas Wyatt Way: Light filled tree, Phillipa Flowerday Plain: Favourite foliage, Plantsman Close: Exquisite Autumnal leaf, Ipswich Rd.

Another beautiful autumn day, still, sunny and bright. Low sun illuminating trees and houses. Not too busy and far too lovely a day to feel stressed. An vexing moment collecting a mountain of parcels in Mount Pleasant having to rescan 23 parcels at least twice to find the rogue unscanned item.

Out on Delivery: Sat 6 Aug

Today: Yellow verge shadow selfie: New fungus growth on the Oak tree at 47 Ipswich Road: Plentiful pears, Lime tree road.

Last day at work before a two week holiday. Feeling tired. Fresher weather and sunshine, a beautiful day. Delivering walk on my own, missing my van mate. Everywhere feels peak summer holiday.

Out on Delivery: Wed 3 Aug

Today: Water leak in Allen’s Lane newly repaired and looking less exciting: Van shadow: Branch shadow’s in a garden I cut through daily: Shadow selfie, Ipswich road: A cluster of “wishes” in Plantsman’s Close.

Noticing shadows. The day is hot, humid and sunny. Not too much to deliver but hard work, started the day in a lick of sweat and finish in a lick of sweat. We enjoy the cross breeze through the van when we turn.

Out on Delivery

Walk 206: Friday 29 July

Today: A dried red leaf, Church Avenue: Doormat, Ipswich Road: Autumnal colours (in July), Harford Manor Road: Dappled sunlit savannah, Church Avenue: Grumpy Cat, Ipswich Road.

Grumpy cat was perched in the same position as yesterday. An day of tricky, different, customer issues. Delivered to every call in the Cedars. Warm and close. Quiet roads. A clean sweep of parcel delivery, all delivered to customers or neighbours. A van full of customer collections. Back to the old van, missing having a working radio.

Out on Delivery

Thursday 28 July

Today: Church Avenue East: Foliage, Plantsman close: Cat in van, Christchurch Road: Cat in window, Ipswich Road.

Thursday, bin lorry day, thankfully few encounters today with the bin lorries . A day with cats in, a beautiful brown cat invited itself into our van to have a thorough sniff and explore. Super lovely until it decided to disappear under the van and we spent five minutes trying to get it to move. There was a fabulously grumpy looking cat staring at me from one of the last calls of the day. Sadly the photo doesn’t quite capture the intensity of it’s stare.

Out on Delivery

Walk 206: Friday 15th July

Today: Green leaf filtered light spots on letterbox, Newmarket Road: Red van reflected light on tree and wall, Newmarket Road: Rear car light shadow, Ipswich Grove: Fern spores, Church Avenue.

Light so intense that I catch reflected light moments in the mid morning light. Notice the ferns in Church Avenue looking brown, worry they are drying out, but as I get closer I see their backs are covered with these brown dots. At first I wonder about them being insect eggs, but they are too regular and at home I look up and learn that they are fern spores. I have never noticed them before.

Another hot day delivering, but temperatures set to go up again with highs of 34 degrees Celsius forecast for Monday.