Out on Delivery: Thu 29 Dec

Today: Sparkly wreath, 3 Kenneth Mckee plain: Bus stop, Newmarket Road: White leaf, Ipswich Rd

Still more straggling Christmas cards to deliver but lighter on parcels and packets today. Streets are quieter in this Christmas holiday time and people are home for parcels.

Out on Delivery: Fri 11 Nov

Today: Moss in brick paving cracks: Remaining leaves, Church Avenue: Leaf, Ipswich Grove.

Enjoyed an early morning electric van training. An hour spent driving through Norwich practicing using the engine to recharge the battery. Now can’t wait for the new vans to arrive (expected in March). Particularly excited by the automatic handbrake.

A perfect delivering day, not too hot, dry and nothing too busy/heavy/difficult. Lots of letters, particularly estate agents touting for business !

Out on Delivery: Thu 3 Nov

Today: Puddles…Roseacre, Newmarket Road and Church Avenue: Foggy Windscreen leaf.

Flooding and puddles defined the day. Excited by the news that we are getting Electric vans soon. Lots of mail and wet. Pleased to be finished.

Out on Delivery: Tue 18 Oct

Today: Bright morning light reflection off delivery office, Roundtree Way: Autumn colours and light, Thomas Wyatt Way: Light filled tree, Phillipa Flowerday Plain: Favourite foliage, Plantsman Close: Exquisite Autumnal leaf, Ipswich Rd.

Another beautiful autumn day, still, sunny and bright. Low sun illuminating trees and houses. Not too busy and far too lovely a day to feel stressed. An vexing moment collecting a mountain of parcels in Mount Pleasant having to rescan 23 parcels at least twice to find the rogue unscanned item.

Out on Delivery: Wed 13 Oct

Today: A merry go round of leaves on the windscreen: sunlit flowers Ipswich Road: A favourite weed, strong and symmetrical, Lime Tree Road.

Many parcels but happily not too heavy on mail. A jovial mood in the van as we are going to visit a colleague and her new twins afterwork. A sunny day but many people still in pyjamas or asleep late into the morning. Roads quiet, a subdued feel to the day.

Out on Delivery: Thur 6 Oct

Today: Red leaf, Newmarket Rd: Fabulous fungus, Grove Avenue: Crunchy orange leaves, Brunswick Road: Spotty half eaten Holly leaf: Shadow and shadow reflection, Dial house.

Another full day delivering, heavy mail bags and a poorly work partner brought a heavy energy to a otherwise glorious autumnal day. Sunshine, shadows, crunchy leaves and ambient walking temperatures. Hoping tomorrow all will have calmed, frames are now cleared, following the strike disruption, but day not set to be so glorious…

Out on Delivery: Wed 5 Oct

Today: Piles of autumn leaves in Brunswick Road: Small fruits: Really red fruits, Lime tree road.

Another delivery day struggling to catch up after the weekend strikes. A mountain of parcels and a need to prioritise the delivery, plus have a couple of loops taken off us. Blustery but sunny day, leaves are collecting on the pavements and fruits, nuts and berries crunch under foot.

Out on Delivery: Thu 29 Sep

Today: Dappled light on van, Church Av East: Shadow on silver birch, Church Av: Oak leaves, Lime Tree Road

A day of dappled light. Lighter on parcels, so a more relaxing day. Tripped over a curb in Mount Pleasant, landing with a roll, so nothing injured excepting my pride. Always a possibility when you are walking hard to get all delivered in time.

Out on Delivery: Mon 26 Sep

Today: Shadow gateway to elsewhere, Allens Lane: Wet leaf and green radiator, Mount Pleasant: Puckered leaf, Lime tree road: Autumn leaf, Ipswich Road.

A wet morning delivering with some sunny spells in the middle. Easton’s Coach tour catalogues to deliver. Feeling more autumnal in the rain, softer light and longer shadows.