Out on Delivery: Mon 27 Feb

A rainy start which turned slowly into a warm sunny day. Freshly perfect leaves unfurling everywhere and spring flowers out in all their glory.

Chatted to one of my favourite customers at The Cedars, all the time with my mind on the fact that if I stay chatting too long it will be flagged up on a list in the office.

Talk of our walks gaining an extra 200 calls (in addition to the current 650 calls) in the new revised walk plan. Not sure how we will be able to manage this even with the parcels being delivered separately. Going to be a lot more walking !!

Out on Delivery: Mon 13 Feb

Today: Purple edged leaves, Ipswich Rd

An overcast start to this morning’s delivery which lifted slowly into a beauty day. Lots of packets to deliver and new routines with tracked items needing scanning in on our frames.

Out on Delivery: Fri 27 Jan

Today: New growth, Allens Lane: Clematis, Plantsmans Close: Shadow Selfie, Newmarket Rd: Moss and Lichen, Ipswich grove.

Finally a warmer, brighter day, offering the promise of spring to come. A day of connecting with customers, a holiday in Thailand, Australia. The loss of a mother, the hospital stay of a father, the excitement of the brighter day. Reminded yet again of the privilege connecting with so many different lives.

Still enjoying the electric van but accidentally put on the wheel lock in Mount Pleasant. Unable to release it and had call the office for support. Advice received was simply “jiggle it” . In the end it took two of us pulling the steering wheel to release it.

Out on Delivery: Wed 18 Jan

Today: Ice crystals on van: Frost outlined leaves, Newmarket Rd: Frozen leaf puddle: Ice crystals on brick wall, Ipswich Road

Another bitterly cold day delivering. Eyes are mostly on the ground, checking for hidden ice patches. A colleague fell on ice at work in the morning and smashed up her face. When I lift them it is the beautiful furry ice crystals, which linger for the whole day, which catch my eye.

Enjoying my electric van, the quiet of it and it’s cleanlinesses.

Out on Delivery: Tue 13 Dec

Today: Frosty van handle: Frosty plant, Lime tree Road: Textured ice, Allens lane.

Even colder and frostier than yesterday. Many beautiful frosty moments to photograph but so cold that my phone battery dies as soon as I use it. Remembered my ice grip shoe attachments, so easier walking today.

Out on Delivery: Sat 10 Dec

Today: Frosty leaves and spiders webs

A very cold day, off to a difficult start as it took three turns of the yard to locate my van (which has just been changed). All the numbers obscured in the heavy frost, too cold for anyone to bother to quip “it’s the red one”.

Frosty leaves were beautifully white edged and sharded spiders webs were visible. So cold that I finished cold despite the thermal layers, hat, neck warmer and extra Jumper. Starting to deliver Christmassy looking parcels and plenty of cards.

Out on Delivery: Tue 6 Dec

Today: Pink leaf, Ipswich Road: Leaf, Mount Pleasant: Windscreen leaf visiter, Ipswich Rd: Foliage, Harford Manor Rd

Another challengingly long and damp day’s delivering. We head out at 9:00am and back at 15:45 having delivered non stop. Bundles are heavy and so we use the trolley on most loops of the walk. My head is down, pushing on with the delivery and so it is the leaves on the ground I notice mostly today.