Morning walks 14th October

A drizzy darkness of a Monday morning. Colourful leaves pasted to dark wet pavements. Autumn tinged trees, musty smelling air, puddle crackling roads. Noticing mossy cracks, and autumnal foliage as I walk through the familiars of Lakenham.

A late morning stroll, an unknown area. Damp and fuggy. Gleaming wet berries, bright red branches and the distorted reflection of Homebase in Whiting House catch my eye.

A morning walk 04/06

An everyday summer’s morning, warm and slightly overcast with the sun breaking through periodically. Quiet and purposeful. I choose to follow the route of yesterdays run to photograph flowers in this NR1 area. Rewarded with an abundance of colourful images and the lingering smell of roses in my nostrils.