Out on Delivery: Mon 13 Mar

A windy morning delivering. Debris strewn streets and falling branches. Heavier than usual for a Monday delivery, water bills and gardening catalogues bulking up the mail. Council tax letters arrival hanging over the week.

Out on Delivery: Mon 6 Mar

Today: A selfie at Royal Arch Court: Blossom, Mount Pleasant: Leaf, Ipswich Rd: Tree Catkins, Harford Manor Close

Cold and damp, an unwelcome return to winter temperatures with the threat of snow hanging over the week.

Changes afoot in the delivery office, all is un certainty and anxiety. No overtime being paid, so we got out onto delivery late and we returned with the walk unfinished, which never feels good.

On a personal level a parting gift from a colleague of a small radio brought me joy and I look forward to singing along to more hits from the eighties in the coming weeks.

Out on Delivery: Mon 13 Feb

Today: Purple edged leaves, Ipswich Rd

An overcast start to this morning’s delivery which lifted slowly into a beauty day. Lots of packets to deliver and new routines with tracked items needing scanning in on our frames.

Out on Delivery: Mon 23 Jan

Today: Ice on windscreen: Ice outlined leaves: First snowdrops of 2023, Church Avenue.

Another icy sharp morning. Diffuse sun made all sparkle but failed to warm. The full weight of National trust catalogues hit today and meant heavy bags and slower trolley deliveries.

The new summer lapsing plan started today and so we are now delivering to Royal Arch Court and Chester Place but no longer to Grove Avenue. It took me a good 5 mins to gain access into Royal Arch Court and the warden seemed disappointed to have lost their usual postie. An intriguing numbering system posed quite a delivering challenge. Should be easier tomorrow…

Out on Delivery: Sat 21 Jan

Today: Frosty leaf, Ipswich Grove: Frost patterns, Plantsman Close: Frost, Ipswich Rd: Epic bird feeder shadow.

A sunny but cold day. Lots of National Trust magazines to deliver. Exquisite ice patterns and frosty edgings throughout the walk.

Out on Delivery: Fri 30 Dec

Eyes down today to keep the rain off my glasses. Mostly the pavements are filled with brown autumn leaf mulch, so, the occasional lighter leaf catches my eyes.

It is as hard today as it was easy yesterday to get people to answer the door. I wonder wether people are off visiting others for the new year or just tucked up in bed sleeping through this dark, wet, miserable day.

I ask a few customers how their Christmas were and are reminded of how Christmas can be hard and lonely for many people. A favourite customer shares how her family don’t celebrate New Year’s Eve after her Grandma was killed being hit by a bus whilst on the way to her parents New Year’s Eve party. Humbled by the intensity of this story and the range of lived experiences people have.

Out on Delivery: Mon 12 Dec

Today: Leaves on frozen pavement, Ipswich Grove: The saddest sign, The cedars.

A treacherous day out delivering. Black ice turning roads and pavements into ice rinks. We stopped to help cheer a man who had fallen and bashed his head on Christchurch Road, whilst he waited for an ambulance. Eyes to the ground, looking for ice free routes.

My head is filled with cold and I feel rotten.

Out on Delivery: Tue 6 Dec

Today: Pink leaf, Ipswich Road: Leaf, Mount Pleasant: Windscreen leaf visiter, Ipswich Rd: Foliage, Harford Manor Rd

Another challengingly long and damp day’s delivering. We head out at 9:00am and back at 15:45 having delivered non stop. Bundles are heavy and so we use the trolley on most loops of the walk. My head is down, pushing on with the delivery and so it is the leaves on the ground I notice mostly today.

Out on Delivery: Mon 28 Nov

Today: Autumn Leaves, Church Avenue: Spider’s web, Allens Lane: Wet leaves, Ipswich Road.

A slight mist hugging us damp, it lifts later, partially. Moist droplets, catch the eye,on webs and foliage. Burnt orange is the colour of the morning with the Beech trees looking splendid. Still plenty of foliage, flowers and even a peek of lilac in a lavender bush, feels unusual for late November.

Plenty to deliver, increasing numbers of cards and ordered Christmas presents. Finally less catalogues and promotional material and the backlog of magazines which weren’t delivered last week due to the strikes.