Out on Delivery: Tue 28 Mar

Today: cold and wet, colours of blossom bushes intensified by dark and damp.

My colleague is off sick and since we are so short staffed I am out delivering on my own. A mountain of mail, almost every call, I am out of the office late and struggle to deliver it all in time. Unable to prep the other walk so aware of the double work waiting tomorrow morning.

Out on Delivery: Tue 7 Mar

Today: Blooms, Lime tree Road: New road marking, Church Avenue: Sky, Newmarket Road.

More news about revisions to walks delivered in a meeting around the sorting frame. Going to be a resign, everyone re choosing (in order of seniority) which walk they want to do. Being low down the list I may find myself no longer on Walk 206. Contemplating this makes me see the walk with new eyes.

Plenty to deliver and deeply grateful that the weather is drier than predicted.