Out on Delivery: Sat 6 Aug

Today: Yellow verge shadow selfie: New fungus growth on the Oak tree at 47 Ipswich Road: Plentiful pears, Lime tree road.

Last day at work before a two week holiday. Feeling tired. Fresher weather and sunshine, a beautiful day. Delivering walk on my own, missing my van mate. Everywhere feels peak summer holiday.

Out on Delivery: Wed 3 Aug

Today: Water leak in Allen’s Lane newly repaired and looking less exciting: Van shadow: Branch shadow’s in a garden I cut through daily: Shadow selfie, Ipswich road: A cluster of “wishes” in Plantsman’s Close.

Noticing shadows. The day is hot, humid and sunny. Not too much to deliver but hard work, started the day in a lick of sweat and finish in a lick of sweat. We enjoy the cross breeze through the van when we turn.

Out on Delivery Mon 1 Aug

Today: Caterpillar munched foliage: A puddle (welcome back my friends): Shadows on leaves.

It rained over night and I notice moments of wet in cracks and feel excited to find a puddle. Being a Postie make me love Mondays, as the mail is always lightest. We zip round, enjoying people being holiday home, the cloud cover and feeling fresh after a day off.

Out on Delivery: Sat 30 July

Today: Excitement at rain falling, although in total it amounted to little more than these few drops: Fruits in Roseacre Close: Favourite poppy heads in Kenneth Mckee Plain.

The last of a run of six days working, humid, sweaty and overcast. A lighter Saturday delivery, space to chat a little with customers and catch up with their lives. Managed to remember that access up Unthank road is blocked (forgot three times this week) and excited that Ipswich Road was open two ways City end. Roadworks are keeping us on our toes this year. Ready for a day off, worried that once we agree to working Sundays’s a seven day week becomes an expectation.

Out on Delivery

Walk 206: Friday 29 July

Today: A dried red leaf, Church Avenue: Doormat, Ipswich Road: Autumnal colours (in July), Harford Manor Road: Dappled sunlit savannah, Church Avenue: Grumpy Cat, Ipswich Road.

Grumpy cat was perched in the same position as yesterday. An day of tricky, different, customer issues. Delivered to every call in the Cedars. Warm and close. Quiet roads. A clean sweep of parcel delivery, all delivered to customers or neighbours. A van full of customer collections. Back to the old van, missing having a working radio.

Out on Delivery

Thursday 28 July

Today: Church Avenue East: Foliage, Plantsman close: Cat in van, Christchurch Road: Cat in window, Ipswich Road.

Thursday, bin lorry day, thankfully few encounters today with the bin lorries . A day with cats in, a beautiful brown cat invited itself into our van to have a thorough sniff and explore. Super lovely until it decided to disappear under the van and we spent five minutes trying to get it to move. There was a fabulously grumpy looking cat staring at me from one of the last calls of the day. Sadly the photo doesn’t quite capture the intensity of it’s stare.

Out on Delivery

Walk 206: Wednesday 27 July

Today: All seems drier again. Sun is strong, deep shadows. Tree’s being cut in Mount Pleasant, the cut branches sit in the road and I enjoy the light coming through the doomed foliage. Starting to enjoy the weird run of pollarded trees in Plantsman close, today I notice their lovely bark patterns.

A light Wednesday delivery. Sad to learn a favourite customer had died over the weekend. Don sat regularly outside his flat in The Cedars, throughout all seasons in his t shirt, and would greet me with a friendly comment and smile. I will miss him.

Out on Delivery

Walk 206: Tuesday 26 July

Today: Sunny but cooler. A heavy Tuesday delivery, we overrun by 30mins. Spot my first ripe blackberry of the season, A damaged tree and a pair of these wonderfully sculptural flowers. Tired.