Out on Delivery: Fri 9 Sep

Today: An exquisite bloom, Ipswich Road: Reflection selfie in light well, Grove Avenue

Out of respect for the Queen the CWU cancelled our strike day late yesterday. So today was an unexpected day at work.

A memorable day, customers very chatty, often surprised to see us and sharing how sad they were that the Queen has died. A customer in Launceston terrace was dead heading his roses to cheer himself up.

Out in Delivery

Walk 206: Saturday 4th June

Today: I enjoy the verdant velvet finish on this lampost: spotty leaves catch my eye: A self reflection selfie taken at Musley court.

A heavy day, plenty of parcels, magazines and mail. Ideal walking weather, but legs stiff after taking a run on thursday. Noticeably more people away than usual, I have to work hard to get neighbours to take in parcels.

Out on Delivery

Walk 206: Saturday 28th May

Today: Red roses peeked in a garden in Mount Pleasant: Purple blooms at The Cedars: A lavender bush in an urn outside the Annesley Hotel: A shiney knob self reflection, taken as I wait for a customer.

Day started sunny, but within 10 mins of my putting on my new Royal Mail sunhat the Sun disappeared. More mail than usual for a Saturday. An onwards and onwards day.

Out on Delivery

Walk 206: 23/05/22

Today: The gate at 44 Mount Pleasant is invitingly sunlit as I exit The Cedars: After rain yesterday, bushes seem to have grown over night, new leaf growth patterns catch my eye: As I return to my car, after my delivery, the strong summer sun has returned into the day and I am caught by the reflection of the yellow posts in my windows and by the shadow of my door handle on the white lines.

A welcomely uneventful day’s delivering, satisfactorily average weather, parcel volumes and mood. A perfect backdrop to catching moments of beauty.