Out on Delivery: Wed 29 Mar

Today: Magnolia’s are starting to unfurl and several blossom trees on the delivery now in full bloom.

Double pre on walk 211. Stimulating to be doing different but another hard day in which I have to push hard to get everything delivered. Dis heartened by the knowledge of all the mail that didn’t get delivered on the other half of the walk.

Warmer and less damp.

Please to connect together a customer that my husband works with, who I have chatted to out of work but hadn’t realised was this customer. I seem to recognise people by their houses and doorways and find it hard to recognise people when away from work.

Out on Delivery: Tue 28 Feb

A chillier but drier morning. Delivery office filled with speculation and chat about walk revisions. Also chat about possible “Beast from the East” returning. Possibly prompted by this chat the wind seemed to have a sharper edge to it by the end of the morning.

Noticing all the variety of new growth. Selfie taken in lift in Royal Arch Court.

Out on Delivery: Tue 24 Jan

Today: 7am CWU meeting in Mattressman car park: Selfie in Royal arch court lift mirror.

An early morning union meeting, always amazing seeing all my colleagues gathered together. No defrosting of van needed this morning, which makes me happy. Still the day feels cold and I need a long hot bath to warm up after work.