Out on Delivery: Fri 27 Jan

Today: New growth, Allens Lane: Clematis, Plantsmans Close: Shadow Selfie, Newmarket Rd: Moss and Lichen, Ipswich grove.

Finally a warmer, brighter day, offering the promise of spring to come. A day of connecting with customers, a holiday in Thailand, Australia. The loss of a mother, the hospital stay of a father, the excitement of the brighter day. Reminded yet again of the privilege connecting with so many different lives.

Still enjoying the electric van but accidentally put on the wheel lock in Mount Pleasant. Unable to release it and had call the office for support. Advice received was simply “jiggle it” . In the end it took two of us pulling the steering wheel to release it.

Out on Delivery: Thu 19 Jan

Today, A tale of light and shadow: Sunlight and shadow through frost: Entranceway, Newmarket Rd, Approach, Newmarket rd

Another bitterly cold morning delivering. Long shadows creating magic moments through the morning.

Out on Delivery : Tue 17 Jan

Today: Frost on van: Reflected light shadow, Benjamin Gooch Way: Frosty post, Newmarket Rd: Ice, Harford Manor Rd.

An exciting day, the first day driving a brand new electric vehicle. A cold start (-4 degrees) which meant working out how to defrost the new van. The sun shone all day but still feeling cold at the end of the delivery. Roads quiet and new van quiet.

Out on Delivery: Fri 7 Oct

Today: Acorns, Ipswich Rd: Ivy, Mount Pleasant: Shadows, Phillipa Flowerday Plain: Spider, Benjamin gooch way.

Another sunny mild day. Streets covered in crunched acorns, fruits and sweet chestnuts. A lighter, happier day delivering. Even mildly amused by this giant spider which attached itself to me after I crashed through her web.

Out on Delivery: Thur 6 Oct

Today: Red leaf, Newmarket Rd: Fabulous fungus, Grove Avenue: Crunchy orange leaves, Brunswick Road: Spotty half eaten Holly leaf: Shadow and shadow reflection, Dial house.

Another full day delivering, heavy mail bags and a poorly work partner brought a heavy energy to a otherwise glorious autumnal day. Sunshine, shadows, crunchy leaves and ambient walking temperatures. Hoping tomorrow all will have calmed, frames are now cleared, following the strike disruption, but day not set to be so glorious…

Out on Delivery: Sat 6 Aug

Today: Yellow verge shadow selfie: New fungus growth on the Oak tree at 47 Ipswich Road: Plentiful pears, Lime tree road.

Last day at work before a two week holiday. Feeling tired. Fresher weather and sunshine, a beautiful day. Delivering walk on my own, missing my van mate. Everywhere feels peak summer holiday.

Out on Delivery: Wed 3 Aug

Today: Water leak in Allen’s Lane newly repaired and looking less exciting: Van shadow: Branch shadow’s in a garden I cut through daily: Shadow selfie, Ipswich road: A cluster of “wishes” in Plantsman’s Close.

Noticing shadows. The day is hot, humid and sunny. Not too much to deliver but hard work, started the day in a lick of sweat and finish in a lick of sweat. We enjoy the cross breeze through the van when we turn.

Out on Delivery Mon 1 Aug

Today: Caterpillar munched foliage: A puddle (welcome back my friends): Shadows on leaves.

It rained over night and I notice moments of wet in cracks and feel excited to find a puddle. Being a Postie make me love Mondays, as the mail is always lightest. We zip round, enjoying people being holiday home, the cloud cover and feeling fresh after a day off.