Out on Delivery: Sat 6 Aug

Today: Yellow verge shadow selfie: New fungus growth on the Oak tree at 47 Ipswich Road: Plentiful pears, Lime tree road.

Last day at work before a two week holiday. Feeling tired. Fresher weather and sunshine, a beautiful day. Delivering walk on my own, missing my van mate. Everywhere feels peak summer holiday.

Out on Delivery: Wed 3 Aug

Today: Water leak in Allen’s Lane newly repaired and looking less exciting: Van shadow: Branch shadow’s in a garden I cut through daily: Shadow selfie, Ipswich road: A cluster of “wishes” in Plantsman’s Close.

Noticing shadows. The day is hot, humid and sunny. Not too much to deliver but hard work, started the day in a lick of sweat and finish in a lick of sweat. We enjoy the cross breeze through the van when we turn.

Out on Delivery Mon 1 Aug

Today: Caterpillar munched foliage: A puddle (welcome back my friends): Shadows on leaves.

It rained over night and I notice moments of wet in cracks and feel excited to find a puddle. Being a Postie make me love Mondays, as the mail is always lightest. We zip round, enjoying people being holiday home, the cloud cover and feeling fresh after a day off.

Out on Delivery

Walk 206: Thursday 14th July

Today, pavements: Delivery Office: Church Avenue East: Lime tree road: Ipswich Road: Ipswich Grove.

Another day brings a welcome fresher breeze. A fair number of parcels, but not too many special deliveries. Everywhere dry. Shadows navy firm. Pavements and the shadows and detritus that decorate them catch my eye. Streets are eerily quiet, schools have broken.

Out on Delivery

Walk 206: Thursday 7 July

Today: The water leak in Allens Lane: Doors at Arundel Court: A moment in Harford Manor Road: Sunshine and shadow on the van, Mount Pleasant.

A drizzly start to an easier day. The rain eased and became sunny intervals. Good moods due to the easier work load.

Out on Delivery

Walk 206: Monday 4 July

Today: Poppy heads and shadows, Kenneth Mckee Plain: Gate and shadow, Launceston Terrace: Stairwell, Fountains Court: Graffiti, Christchurch Road.

Strong sunlight and blue skies as we start our walk, noticing geometric shadows. A fresh breeze kept the walking pleasant. So little post, we whipped around the walk in a quick time, surprising customers with our early arrival.

Out on Delivery

Walk 206: Friday 1 June

Today : patterned pavement: I belatedly notice this cross is marking out leaking water: A moment of pleasing overlaping forms at 98 Newmarket Road.

Another bigger day delivering, mostly cool, but occasional hot. Got a soaking on the cycle home.

Out on Delivery

Walk 206: Wednesday 29 June

Today: The fresh green really popped against our red van and the blue sky: mysterious Rorschach test like tree shadows: I enjoy this delicate leaf/flower plant each time I pass it at The cedars: I spot these red berries and despite the light and heat I think of winter.

A full on, heavy Wednesday delivery. A welcome overcast start with some cooling rain, I feel disappointed as the sun comes out and the temperature rises. Everything dried out and pavements sticky, high summer !! Walk for five hours and cover 16km.

Out on Delivery

Walk 206: Saturday 25 June

Today: Anti parking stones in Church Avenue East: windscreen reflection: Sweet peas from 105a Newmarket Road: peeling bark 27 Newmarket Road.

An early start and Saturday empty roads means we make good time. A welcome breeze keeps temperature bearable. Starting to take this sunny weather for granted.