Out on Delivery: Tue 9 May

Today: Puddle reflection, Walpole gardens: Foliage, Harford Manor Road: New leaf growth at the base of a horse chestnut tree, Church Avenue.

Three days worth of walk 206 to deliver, a big walking day. All suddenly looks green, things starting to be hidden and obscured by the foliage. Enjoy the irrepressibility of nature which is shooting green at every opportunity. Feels like you ought to be able to see the growth happening with your naked eye, if you had the patience.

A damp but warm hug of a day, all is moist.

Out on Delivery: Wed 10 May

Today: Insect trails on a letterbox in Newmarket Road: Trees, Newmarket Road: Orange, Lime tree road: Delivery Montage featuring Suffolk Square.

A rather enjoyable day, we are finally starting to get a hold on the new delivery area and in how to tackle this larger delivery area. Delivering a multitude of internet hubs, apparently needing replacing due to a lightening strike.

Warm and humid, very comfortable for delivering in. No rain and the sun peaked its head out regularly to cheer us. A mountain of door to door mail to throw off and deliver (5 pieces) all happily in the frame by the end of today.

Out on Delivery: Sat 15 Apr

Today: A damp start, spotted this beautiful snail making the most of the conditions. The sun came out later and put a spring in my step, spring is very firmly here now.

My last day before a weeks holiday, cleared the delivery frame before the chaos of all the changes coming in next week. Not sure how we will achieve the newer, larger walks but trying, and largely managing, to not worry.

Out on Delivery: Wed 5 Apr

Today: Another sunny spring day, pink and red are the colours that catch my eyes. The magnificent magnolia at xx Mount Pleasant is again in full bloom.

Delivering flowers and parcels galore, a struggle to find things in van, since so Easter busy. Yet again, not enough time to complete the walk, so mail returned to delivery office.

Out on Delivery: Tue 4 Apr

Today: A blast of sunshine and a host of colourful blooms. Delivering yellow enveloped Easter greetings, Nature magazines and pink polling cards. Great to be back working with Kelly again after her absence and my couple of days of leave.

Still struggling to quite clear the backlog of last weeks busyness. Hopefully tomorrow we will have the time to finally deliver all on the frame.

Out on Delivery: Wed 29 Mar

Today: Magnolia’s are starting to unfurl and several blossom trees on the delivery now in full bloom.

Double pre on walk 211. Stimulating to be doing different but another hard day in which I have to push hard to get everything delivered. Dis heartened by the knowledge of all the mail that didn’t get delivered on the other half of the walk.

Warmer and less damp.

Please to connect together a customer that my husband works with, who I have chatted to out of work but hadn’t realised was this customer. I seem to recognise people by their houses and doorways and find it hard to recognise people when away from work.

Out on Delivery: Mon 27 Mar

Today: A chilly start with hail showers, plenty of sun about too. Heavier rain forecast for the afternoon and we have a moment of pleasure as we finish the walk minutes before the rain arrives. Smug feeling disappears when we are soaked walking from the delivery office to the car.

Out on Delivery: Fri 24 Mar

Today: Day felt good, not only was the sun shining and the weather mild but we managed for the first time all week to deliver everything on our frames. Blossom is starting to bloom and the dappling March sunlight created joyful moments around every corner.