Out on Delivery: Thur 22 Sept

Today: Road markings, Newmarket road: Spider, 30 Kenneth Mckee Plain: Berrys, Newmarket road surgery: Autumnal foliage, Plantsman Close: Walking panonrama, Lime Tree road.

The missing bank holiday mail and parcels caught up with us today. A full van and heavy bags. Fortunately a perfect delivery day, gently sunny and not too hot. Delivering in Ipswich road we noticed an injured motorcyclist (possibly College student) have to wait almost am hour for an ambulance. Sobering.

Out on Delivery: Sat 17 Sep

Today: Early light on temporary fencing in Grove Avenue: Light and shadow on Van, Newmarket Road.

Happy to have Kelly back on delivery. Out early and the light is soft and dappled. Enjoyed the long shadows and feeling cold. Heavy overnight rain has cleared out the spiders webs and the pavements of autumnal debris.

Out on Delivery: Tue 13 Sep

Today: Bloom, Allen’s lane: Lurking spider, Kenneth Mckee Plain: Leaf, Ipswich Rd: Favourite graffitied lamppost caught in the sun, Christchurch Rd.

Finally a lighter and cooler day’s delivering. A day begun by the now regular spider obstacle course at 30 Kenneth Mckee Plain. I ducked under the web this morning, photographing the resident spider as I passed. Autumn feels on it’s way.

A dramatic moment watching a MontJack Deer being hit by a car in Christchurch Road. The deer seemed to roll and bounce and I thought it would be seriously injured but it jumped back up and ran off into the bushes. Another witness walked past, hand in front of her mouth in horror.

Out on Delivery: Mon 5 Sept

Today: A moment in Eagle Walk.

Moral is low in the sorting office as we arrive to frames still filled with letters and yet more mountains of sorting and parcels. We prioritise walk 211 and the sections of 206 we missed on Saturday. Hard to leave mail sat in the frame knowing it will not be delivered until tomorrow. Economists and Beano comics, which usually get delivered Saturday are sat waiting to be delivered as I type.

Delivery Office is hot and I am in a lick of sweat before the walk is set in. Tired of feeling permanently sweaty, bored of the little drips of sweat drip off my nose and ready for the weather to turn colder. 28 degrees registers on my car thermometer as I drive home.

Students and traffic are back at City College after the summer, but Ipswich road closures remain. Not feeling so keen for the upcoming strike days this Thursday and Friday as the knock on disruption is so tiring. Fingers crossed a resolution is found soon.

Out on Delivery: Wed 3 Aug

Today: Water leak in Allen’s Lane newly repaired and looking less exciting: Van shadow: Branch shadow’s in a garden I cut through daily: Shadow selfie, Ipswich road: A cluster of “wishes” in Plantsman’s Close.

Noticing shadows. The day is hot, humid and sunny. Not too much to deliver but hard work, started the day in a lick of sweat and finish in a lick of sweat. We enjoy the cross breeze through the van when we turn.

Out on Delivery

Thursday 28 July

Today: Church Avenue East: Foliage, Plantsman close: Cat in van, Christchurch Road: Cat in window, Ipswich Road.

Thursday, bin lorry day, thankfully few encounters today with the bin lorries . A day with cats in, a beautiful brown cat invited itself into our van to have a thorough sniff and explore. Super lovely until it decided to disappear under the van and we spent five minutes trying to get it to move. There was a fabulously grumpy looking cat staring at me from one of the last calls of the day. Sadly the photo doesn’t quite capture the intensity of it’s stare.

Out on Delivery

Walk 206: Wednesday 27 July

Today: All seems drier again. Sun is strong, deep shadows. Tree’s being cut in Mount Pleasant, the cut branches sit in the road and I enjoy the light coming through the doomed foliage. Starting to enjoy the weird run of pollarded trees in Plantsman close, today I notice their lovely bark patterns.

A light Wednesday delivery. Sad to learn a favourite customer had died over the weekend. Don sat regularly outside his flat in The Cedars, throughout all seasons in his t shirt, and would greet me with a friendly comment and smile. I will miss him.

Out on Delivery

Walk 206: Tuesday 19th July

Today: Three trees, Plantsman’s close: Verge, Lime tree road: Favourite lime green tree, that is not a lime tree, in lime tree road.

Dancing sunlight through trees on verge.

Day started hotter than yesterday. Out early to beat the heat but still fairly punishing walking and delivering. A lovely, thoughtful customer at the cedars gave me a can of cold drink. All is dry, today I really could feel how it could get hot and dry enough for fires to spontaneously start and take hold.

Forecast cooler at peak if day tomorrow, but going to be starting off at a higher temperature again.