Out on Delivery: Fri 27 Jan

Today: New growth, Allens Lane: Clematis, Plantsmans Close: Shadow Selfie, Newmarket Rd: Moss and Lichen, Ipswich grove.

Finally a warmer, brighter day, offering the promise of spring to come. A day of connecting with customers, a holiday in Thailand, Australia. The loss of a mother, the hospital stay of a father, the excitement of the brighter day. Reminded yet again of the privilege connecting with so many different lives.

Still enjoying the electric van but accidentally put on the wheel lock in Mount Pleasant. Unable to release it and had call the office for support. Advice received was simply “jiggle it” . In the end it took two of us pulling the steering wheel to release it.

Out on Delivery: Thur 28 Jan

Today: green/yellow wall, Mount Pleasant: Globby road paint, Ipswich Grove

Another cold overcast day. Yellows and greens still catching my eye. A glitchy start to the days delivering but in the end all delivered in time.

Out on Delivery: Wed 25 Jan

Today: Manhole cover, Newmarket Rd: Pavement markings: Green and yellow, Ipswich rd: Green wall, Brunswick rd.

A misty, damp, in a cloud day. Noticing colours, water board blue, lichen greens and yellows and rich damp green moss. A steady mornings delivery.

Out on Delivery: Sat 21 Jan

Today: Frosty leaf, Ipswich Grove: Frost patterns, Plantsman Close: Frost, Ipswich Rd: Epic bird feeder shadow.

A sunny but cold day. Lots of National Trust magazines to deliver. Exquisite ice patterns and frosty edgings throughout the walk.

Out on Delivery: Thu 29 Dec

Today: Sparkly wreath, 3 Kenneth Mckee plain: Bus stop, Newmarket Road: White leaf, Ipswich Rd

Still more straggling Christmas cards to deliver but lighter on parcels and packets today. Streets are quieter in this Christmas holiday time and people are home for parcels.

Out on Delivery: Wed 28 Dec

Today: Wet leaf, Ipswich road: Lost bauble, Newmarket road: Puddle reflection , Church Avenue.

A return to work and the walk after a period of illness and Christmas. A rainy, dank day but still comforting to be back treading my usual steps. A hangover of Christmas Cards and new travel catalogues to deliver today. I notice a card I deliver has taken over a month to arrive, despite being posted in Norfolk. Another first class letter (which is being eagerly awaited) finally arrives having been posted on the 12th December. I hope this signals a catching up of strike affected mail and look forward to everything returning to normal.

Out on Delivery: Mon 5 Dec

Today: Posties calling cards, Delivery Depot: Blue dot, Allen’s Lane: Gleaming Newmarket road.

A difficult day, mountains of packets and parcels to sort. Tricky to move around the delivery office, since so many Yorks filled with mail in all available spaces.

We are late out on delivery and it is cold and showery. We have to prioritise the mail and yet still we are only finished at 3pm. Tomorrow will be worse. Mail boxes are jammed full with Christmas cards.

Out on Delivery: Tue 29 Nov

Today: Colours of tinsel and autumn leaves match in Church Avenue East: Red stems, Ipswich Road: Fence mushrooms, Plantsmans Close: This weird small fence/ wall end moment caught me in Harford Manor Close.

Not the influx of mail we were expecting, the two days strike seems to have really put a spanner in the works. An eerily quiet day on the streets. Damp and cold again. More strikes for the next two days.

Out on Delivery: Sat 26 Nov

Today: Pointy leaves, Christchurch road: Mysterious box, which caught my eye, East Anglian Squash and Tennis centre: Leaves, Grove Avenue: Twisted fruits, Ipswich Road.

Back after two days of strike to more mail than we could deliver in Saturday working hours. Put in the overtime to clear it before the tidal wave of black friday shopping washes in.

A beautiful softly sunny day made for a very agreeable days delivering.