Out on Delivery: Fri 27 Jan

Today: New growth, Allens Lane: Clematis, Plantsmans Close: Shadow Selfie, Newmarket Rd: Moss and Lichen, Ipswich grove.

Finally a warmer, brighter day, offering the promise of spring to come. A day of connecting with customers, a holiday in Thailand, Australia. The loss of a mother, the hospital stay of a father, the excitement of the brighter day. Reminded yet again of the privilege connecting with so many different lives.

Still enjoying the electric van but accidentally put on the wheel lock in Mount Pleasant. Unable to release it and had call the office for support. Advice received was simply “jiggle it” . In the end it took two of us pulling the steering wheel to release it.

Out on Delivery: Thur 28 Jan

Today: green/yellow wall, Mount Pleasant: Globby road paint, Ipswich Grove

Another cold overcast day. Yellows and greens still catching my eye. A glitchy start to the days delivering but in the end all delivered in time.

Out on Delivery: Wed 25 Jan

Today: Manhole cover, Newmarket Rd: Pavement markings: Green and yellow, Ipswich rd: Green wall, Brunswick rd.

A misty, damp, in a cloud day. Noticing colours, water board blue, lichen greens and yellows and rich damp green moss. A steady mornings delivery.

Out on Delivery: Mon 23 Jan

Today: Ice on windscreen: Ice outlined leaves: First snowdrops of 2023, Church Avenue.

Another icy sharp morning. Diffuse sun made all sparkle but failed to warm. The full weight of National trust catalogues hit today and meant heavy bags and slower trolley deliveries.

The new summer lapsing plan started today and so we are now delivering to Royal Arch Court and Chester Place but no longer to Grove Avenue. It took me a good 5 mins to gain access into Royal Arch Court and the warden seemed disappointed to have lost their usual postie. An intriguing numbering system posed quite a delivering challenge. Should be easier tomorrow…

Out on Delivery: Sat 21 Jan

Today: Frosty leaf, Ipswich Grove: Frost patterns, Plantsman Close: Frost, Ipswich Rd: Epic bird feeder shadow.

A sunny but cold day. Lots of National Trust magazines to deliver. Exquisite ice patterns and frosty edgings throughout the walk.

Out on Delivery: Thu 19 Jan

Today, A tale of light and shadow: Sunlight and shadow through frost: Entranceway, Newmarket Rd, Approach, Newmarket rd

Another bitterly cold morning delivering. Long shadows creating magic moments through the morning.

Out on Delivery: Wed 18 Jan

Today: Ice crystals on van: Frost outlined leaves, Newmarket Rd: Frozen leaf puddle: Ice crystals on brick wall, Ipswich Road

Another bitterly cold day delivering. Eyes are mostly on the ground, checking for hidden ice patches. A colleague fell on ice at work in the morning and smashed up her face. When I lift them it is the beautiful furry ice crystals, which linger for the whole day, which catch my eye.

Enjoying my electric van, the quiet of it and it’s cleanlinesses.

Out on Delivery : Tue 17 Jan

Today: Frost on van: Reflected light shadow, Benjamin Gooch Way: Frosty post, Newmarket Rd: Ice, Harford Manor Rd.

An exciting day, the first day driving a brand new electric vehicle. A cold start (-4 degrees) which meant working out how to defrost the new van. The sun shone all day but still feeling cold at the end of the delivery. Roads quiet and new van quiet.

Out on Delivery: Mon 16 Jan

Today: Quince, Newmarket Rd: Green growth, Ipswich Rd: Blossom, Mount Pleasant.

A return to work after a weeks holiday in an endlessly snowy white Nordic landscape. This British, darkish rain threatening overcast day, feels by contrast lush and colourful. Green moss covered walls and brown mulching leaves catch my eye as do fruits rotting in trees. A blossom tree in Mount Pleasant is prematurely blossoming and there are signs of new green growth.

Tax office letters feature heavily in the mail, which is fairly light. Christmas surge over and strike backlog cleared. All feeling calmer in the office.