Morning walks 14th October

A drizzy darkness of a Monday morning. Colourful leaves pasted to dark wet pavements. Autumn tinged trees, musty smelling air, puddle crackling roads. Noticing mossy cracks, and autumnal foliage as I walk through the familiars of Lakenham.

A late morning stroll, an unknown area. Damp and fuggy. Gleaming wet berries, bright red branches and the distorted reflection of Homebase in Whiting House catch my eye.

A morning walk: 13/10/19

Wherryman’s way – circular walk #5 Claxton. A damp, enveloping morning walk. A broad, a river, a church. Enriching, engaged conversation with a group of artists working from the broads as inspiration. Noticing mossy textures, but mostly inside conversation.

An evening walk 13/05

An evening pilgrimage to the UEA bluebells. A warm sunny close, of a stunning day.
Softly lit woods, bluebells glowing quietly. Noticing: the quiet, the invitation of the woodland paths, wispy feathered clouds and strong blues and greens.

A morning walk: 06/05

A pilgrimage to Bluebells that underwhelmed. A cool, but unexpectedly sunny woodland walk. New greens abound, limey, peachy, yellowing, sandy and orange. Light dappling in, with branch shadows, still just visible. A grandparent Oak and an enjoyed rope swing.

A Sunday stroll: 31/03

A Mothers day walk, Cromer to Overstrand, Norfolk. A cool, still, sunny afternoon. The sumptuous aroma of gorse accompanied the cliff top walk as small clouds cast sinister giant squid like shadows on the sea. Noticing the light in the roof of Norwich train station.

An afternoon stroll 29/03

A sea side town, still out of season but gently waking and preparing. Inflatables laid empty and flat on the beach, painters touching up beach cafes. A beach to ourselves in an ever so hazy white sunlight. A blood red sea, a heavenly hot donut, a penny shove gamble and a forlornly empty cafe.