Out on Delivery: Tue 27 Swp

Today: Foliage, Newmarket road: Foliage, Mount Pleasant: Foliage, Lime tree road.

Since rain returned so has green. Today my eye is caught by varieties of green, structural foliage and hints of red beginning. A cold morning, gloves needed. A typical Tuesday with increasing numbers of collections. Chatted to a customer in Harford Manor close who shared her story of kittens she has hand reared since they were three days old. Hats off to her.

Out on Delivery: Mon 26 Sep

Today: Shadow gateway to elsewhere, Allens Lane: Wet leaf and green radiator, Mount Pleasant: Puckered leaf, Lime tree road: Autumn leaf, Ipswich Road.

A wet morning delivering with some sunny spells in the middle. Easton’s Coach tour catalogues to deliver. Feeling more autumnal in the rain, softer light and longer shadows.

Out on Delivery: Fri 23 Sep

Today: Caught a spider hiding from the rain: Wet foliage: Parcel

A showery Friday. Glistening spiders web, dripping foliage and bruised skies. An occasional dash of sun but plenty of drizzle. A busy day which passed quickly.

Moment of joy noticing that Ipswich road is now open again, will save us 10 mins of driving !

Out on Delivery: Thur 22 Sept

Today: Road markings, Newmarket road: Spider, 30 Kenneth Mckee Plain: Berrys, Newmarket road surgery: Autumnal foliage, Plantsman Close: Walking panonrama, Lime Tree road.

The missing bank holiday mail and parcels caught up with us today. A full van and heavy bags. Fortunately a perfect delivery day, gently sunny and not too hot. Delivering in Ipswich road we noticed an injured motorcyclist (possibly College student) have to wait almost am hour for an ambulance. Sobering.

Out on Delivery: Tue 20 Sep

Today: Verticals in Allen’s lane: A visit to the rear of the doctor’s surgery to deliver a parcel and the reward of this fresh vista back to Newmarket Road.

A quiet day back after the bank holiday. Traffic is horrendous and there seems to be a scene unfolding at City College with an ambulance being called and many members of staff edgily waiting.

Out on Delivery: Wed 21 Sep

Today: Insect nibbled foliage, Benjamin Gooch Way: Temporary road markings, Newmarket Road: Cheerful flowers, Ipswich Road.

Cooler, dry and not too busy. A perfect delivery day. Light was flat but in these conditions the colour of flowers stands out. Feeling strong and capable.

Out on Delivery: Sat 17 Sep

Today: Early light on temporary fencing in Grove Avenue: Light and shadow on Van, Newmarket Road.

Happy to have Kelly back on delivery. Out early and the light is soft and dappled. Enjoyed the long shadows and feeling cold. Heavy overnight rain has cleared out the spiders webs and the pavements of autumnal debris.

Out on Delivery: Fri 16 Sep

Today: Intensely maroon plant, Allen’s Lane: Conkers, Mount Pleasant

Working with Tony. Always a pleasure to meet, chat and work with new colleagues. Not too much mail, but a wet showery day. Some heavier downpours which brought seeds, twigs and leaves down. Cold and damp on finishing the walk.

Out on Delivery: Thur 15 Sept

Today: Dainty camouflaged mushrooms catch my eye at 24 Newmarket Road: Spider is defiantly back across the pathway at 30 Kenneth Mckee Plain

A easier Thursday delivery, out in good time. Weather cooler and more Autumnal. Two giant parcels for the same address which made the van look busy. A happy morning’s work.