Life drawing: 03/05

First session with Francis at Artpocket. Proper easels and working at A1 size, standing. Started with some quite long poses, struggled to relax into it with out the “Quickies” – Need to make sure I just start with quick 2min work – layering on top.
Worked on newsprint with graphite, forgotten how hard it is to remove graphite from newsprint. Smears and then you lose the shape you have made. The rubbing out creates new shapes.
Dramatic lighting, model, Cecily, against a black backdrop for the final 40min pose. Chose to use a charcoal deletion technique. Enjoyed the body section of the drawing (pleased with the result) but pose didn’t fit on the paper so drawing unresolved at the feet. Also fought with the face – too stiff and un fluid, perhaps not enough twist in the shoulder bones ? Hands not resolved. Enjoyed myself and became very black with charcoal. Reminded of how calming it is concentrating so hard on drawing.

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