Life Drawing 17/05

Arrived late and missed the first 10 min pose, so straight into a set of 5, 4 min poses. Charlotte held a series of dynamic standing poses, with the help of a sheet.
I have drawn Charlotte before and this familiarity probably influenced my choice of media, neo-colours, crayons that melt with heat and are water soluble (great for washing out and re-working). I was working quite slowly and largely failed to get her legs and feet in – tried to adjust on final pose but ended up missing out an arm !!
Next pose was a 20 min one. I chose to continue with the neo-colour but also used some coloured charcoal to block in behind the figure. Concentrated on the jaw and hairline – which, in this drawing, I am pleased with. Failed to cope with the lower body though – a twist, which was difficult .
Final pose was 40 mins, I made a good start, working with chunky coloured charcoal on A1 paper, but moved to a point of having too much charcoal on the page. Removing it changed the mark making and created a different kind of drawing. The head was also too large and not quite right – at home I have reworked the piece – smoothing out the charcoal but I have yet to resolve the head. Still W.I.P. Having brought in some thick paper to work on I think it will stand my further reworking…

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