A morning walk 04/06

An everyday summer’s morning, warm and slightly overcast with the sun breaking through periodically. Quiet and purposeful. I choose to follow the route of yesterdays run to photograph flowers in this NR1 area. Rewarded with an abundance of colourful images and the lingering smell of roses in my nostrils.

A morning walk 31/05

A gift of a morning, clear, clean light. A walk to and around Trowse meadows, noticing the lush scenery, meadow flowers, river reflections and myself as an angel.

An afternoon walk 29/05

A break in the rain and a short walk at Loch Doon. A transported castle, rescued from the raising of the Loch level, a forest path, bluebells, a waterfall and foreboding clouds hanging over us.

A morning walk 29/05

A pilgrimage to family graves, a beach walk and an urban walk to a still standing great great grandparent’s house in Irvine, Ayrshire. Clouds rolled in from the Isle of Skye whilst we shared reminiscences of summer holidays spent here. A meloncholic, once was, walk.

A Lochside walk 28/05

Loch Clatteringshaws, Galloway forest park. A sunny, still day. An uncrossable dam with access down to its base. The brutality of the dam’s concrete and deafening blast of the outlet sat in hard contrast to the quiet, soft, stillness of the rest of the walk. Noticing flowers, water sounds, glinting water, bird song and profound stillness. Silvery grey pathways and an ever changing sky/loch.

A morning walk 21/05

Green is hardening and settling into its summer uniformity, sky a summer firm blue. Light hard, unforgiving. Shadows now conceal and disguise, creating geometries of absence. Slight breeze and hum of activity. Noticing diversity of flower type as I walk, a glorious abundance from an urban street walk.