A morning walk 21/05

Green is hardening and settling into its summer uniformity, sky a summer firm blue. Light hard, unforgiving. Shadows now conceal and disguise, creating geometries of absence. Slight breeze and hum of activity. Noticing diversity of flower type as I walk, a glorious abundance from an urban street walk.

An evening walk 13/05

An evening pilgrimage to the UEA bluebells. A warm sunny close, of a stunning day.
Softly lit woods, bluebells glowing quietly. Noticing: the quiet, the invitation of the woodland paths, wispy feathered clouds and strong blues and greens.

An afternoon stroll 9/05

An overcast rain threatening afternoon. Strolling along the river Wensum, with a friend, to hang out under the A146. Noticing patterns, reflections and graffiti textures. Captured sounds of cars passing overhead and the passing of a Cambridge bound train.

A morning walk: 06/05

A pilgrimage to Bluebells that underwhelmed. A cool, but unexpectedly sunny woodland walk. New greens abound, limey, peachy, yellowing, sandy and orange. Light dappling in, with branch shadows, still just visible. A grandparent Oak and an enjoyed rope swing.