Wish You Were Here

“Wish you were here” had its starting place in Robert Smithson’s “Monuments of Passaic”. Twenty bike racks in Norwich were photographed, from a low angle, as they were used, between July and October 2017, mapping a relationship that an everyday life has to physical locations. These captured moments of connection were then explored further: in postcard-sized paintings in which the photographed bike is not represented; in postcard-sized collages where the bike racks are absent and areas of the background are revealed to be existing; and in square collages where the rack exists on a subconsciously painted ground. This created a set of twenty triptychs which were exhibited collectively in “Transitory”, MA Interim show, at NUA in November 2017.

BIKE Racks

Non Racks

Further Collage work

This project led to further collage exploration of bike racks.

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