Life drawing: 03/05

First session with Francis at Artpocket. Proper easels and working at A1 size, standing. Started with some quite long poses, struggled to relax into it with out the “Quickies” – Need to make sure I just start with quick 2min work – layering on top.
Worked on newsprint with graphite, forgotten how hard it is to remove graphite from newsprint. Smears and then you lose the shape you have made. The rubbing out creates new shapes.
Dramatic lighting, model, Cecily, against a black backdrop for the final 40min pose. Chose to use a charcoal deletion technique. Enjoyed the body section of the drawing (pleased with the result) but pose didn’t fit on the paper so drawing unresolved at the feet. Also fought with the face – too stiff and un fluid, perhaps not enough twist in the shoulder bones ? Hands not resolved. Enjoyed myself and became very black with charcoal. Reminded of how calming it is concentrating so hard on drawing.

Life Drawing 1/05

An evening session, at a bowling alley venue on Dereham Road. In a room – all sat at tables facing the model, Amanda, who was sat on a stool on a stage type area. All work was in sketch book and was graphite black and pencil.
First life drawing back in a while. Happiest with the first fast sketches. Loved the model’s hair, although I never quite captured it. Some quite contrasty lighting. Happy to have captured something of Amanda’s body shape


“Intimacies” are a series of small assemblage boxes which create spaces, inside which viewer and artist meet. They explore seeing, being seen and are a rumination on where it is we exist…

Work is now for sale on this website

Vivian Maier

During my MA I discovered the work of American Street photographer Vivian Maier. I was struck by the similarities between her self-portraits in shadow and reflection and the self-portraits I had been taking for a number of years. We seem to share a love of photographing ourselves looking, perhaps sharing a need to see ourselves belonging to a wider world . In this exploratory series of paintings and collages I used elements from her photographs to try to represent the taking of a self-portraits from three positions: Interiority – the desire to capture a representation of self that one can refer to in the future; Connection – the moment of making the image in the present when interior and exterior become one; and Exteriority – the way the moment looks when looking from the outside and from the past.

In Vivian Maier: Exteriority, Collage I placed the figure of Vivian Maier into the background of Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks” as I contemplated the ways we attempt to understand Vivian Maier’s work through existing cultural narratives. This led onto a series of small collages “Contemplation 1-5” of isolated figures.

A morning walk 25/03

A cool breeze and hard light this morning. Small clouds racing across the sky, creating oscillating shadow. I notice the absence of the usual bike on the street sign at traffic lights (perhaps the owner had yet to arrive at work) and the absence of the black lacy knickers caught in a bush. Did the owner return to reclaim them ?