Life drawing 21st June

Colin was this mornings life model. We started the session with four 5 min poses. I decided to work with big loose brush strokes (ink) to capture the main thrust of the pose and then on top in line (again ink) to add outlines/edges. A set of dynamic poses on top of a barrel. Particularly enjoyed these, as the freedom of the ink and brush is pleasurable. Worked on sugar paper – which is not quite up to the pressure, hence the wrinkle of the paper.

Four really quick one min poses – all with the body hanging/pulling. Worked in graphite and layered the drawings – choosing a different scale for the fourth pose, in order to fit on page. This created an unexpected composition, which I am happy with.

Still with the sugar paper (of a random colour) a longer 15min pose. A difficult time with drawing in behind the bow and getting the positions of the hands correct in this pose – left hand still a little too small. A struggle too with the setting of the right arm.

Final pose (approx 50mins) was a seated pose, hands interlocked and a slight twist. I worked again with broad ink brush strokes, then brown line. Onto some light blue pastel paper, which survived the ink washing. Built the image up, layering on more ink. With the longer pose I was able to work back onto ink with some white charcoal to pick up areas of highlight. Spent most of the time fighting the legs, a battle which I think I finally won but created a mis-match between the more spontaneous work on the head and shoulders and heavily worked legs (consequently I didn’t photograph them !!) Happy with the likeness to Colin I caught and the energy contained in the drawing.

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