Life Drawing 14/06

This Friday session saw another new model. I am not sure I have ever drawn someone so muscular – so it was quite a challenge. I was on a reduced art kit (due to a heading straight off to lunch afterwards) so worked in charcoal and graphite on paper bought at the session.

First pose was for 10 mins – a full frontal standing pose. Working in charcoal I decided to really concentrate my looking at the upper body and arm relationship – which I think I captured well. We then had a three min dancing pose. It took me about a min to relax into this – the result looks nothing like a figure but I can see/feel the models dancing arms. I choose to draw long the outline of the body changing the line as the body changed. Would have quite liked more poses like this. We then had a seated 20 min pose – of the back of the model. Struggled to find definition in the back – but pleased with the head/neck relationship.

Final pose was a 40mins seated pose. I switched to graphite bar and pencil. Tried to be free in my drawing and mark making. In places this was very successful but I think there is something unresolved about the relationship between the body and the legs. Happy with this piece as two separate photos (above) rather than as a whole. Pleased with the hands in this drawing.

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