Life Drawing 7/06

This week’s model was Sonia. I have never drawn Sonia before so this was a treat. She is a curvy model who managed to hold some fantastically dynamic poses.

We started the session with four 5 min poses. I worked on sugar paper with graphite trying to use very loose dynamic marks to quickly capture the models shape. First two poses I layered together. We then moved onto a set of five 1 minute poses. Here I worked in chunky charcoal again onto sugar paper.

Next up was a 10 min seated pose, where I brought it right in and working in charcoal pencil attempted a tighter drawing. Not so successful – the relationship between the torso and legs feels uncomfortable and I have missed some of the twist of the pose. Last min attempt to rectify the line of the leg can be seen !!

Finally pose, 40 mins, was a lying pose. I continued on the white paper with charcoal stick and pencil. Fairly happy with the shape of this although not so comfortable to look at. Reminded me of some drawings I made of Hilary a few years ago at the Wensum lodge class.

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