Life Drawing 14/06

This Friday session saw another new model. I am not sure I have ever drawn someone so muscular – so it was quite a challenge. I was on a reduced art kit (due to a heading straight off to lunch afterwards) so worked in charcoal and graphite on paper bought at the session.

First pose was for 10 mins – a full frontal standing pose. Working in charcoal I decided to really concentrate my looking at the upper body and arm relationship – which I think I captured well. We then had a three min dancing pose. It took me about a min to relax into this – the result looks nothing like a figure but I can see/feel the models dancing arms. I choose to draw long the outline of the body changing the line as the body changed. Would have quite liked more poses like this. We then had a seated 20 min pose – of the back of the model. Struggled to find definition in the back – but pleased with the head/neck relationship.

Final pose was a 40mins seated pose. I switched to graphite bar and pencil. Tried to be free in my drawing and mark making. In places this was very successful but I think there is something unresolved about the relationship between the body and the legs. Happy with this piece as two separate photos (above) rather than as a whole. Pleased with the hands in this drawing.

Life Drawing 7/06

This week’s model was Sonia. I have never drawn Sonia before so this was a treat. She is a curvy model who managed to hold some fantastically dynamic poses.

We started the session with four 5 min poses. I worked on sugar paper with graphite trying to use very loose dynamic marks to quickly capture the models shape. First two poses I layered together. We then moved onto a set of five 1 minute poses. Here I worked in chunky charcoal again onto sugar paper.

Next up was a 10 min seated pose, where I brought it right in and working in charcoal pencil attempted a tighter drawing. Not so successful – the relationship between the torso and legs feels uncomfortable and I have missed some of the twist of the pose. Last min attempt to rectify the line of the leg can be seen !!

Finally pose, 40 mins, was a lying pose. I continued on the white paper with charcoal stick and pencil. Fairly happy with the shape of this although not so comfortable to look at. Reminded me of some drawings I made of Hilary a few years ago at the Wensum lodge class.

Life Drawing 10/05

Second Art pocket session with Francis. Model this morning Colin. Have drawn Colin before which made drawing easier. Light was soft and diffuse but plenty around to see the model with. Natural light. More into my swing. Stayed with the graphite and charcoal, whilst I re-learn, looking and transcribing the shapes of the body. A series of 10 min poses, then some 3min action poses and then a final 40 min pose. I chose to draw this final pose twice. Preferring the more spontaneous first drawing. Focused on capturing the face of Colin. Caught something of him, but still terrified of faces. Need to keep drawing them – please with the hands and the sense of the the slump/twist Colin had by leaning his head on his hand.
Colin held a series of action poses, hanging, shooting and skiing which were exciting to draw. Brought some better quality paper along, which ran out before the two final drawings but was better to work with. Mental note to self to look out more buy/more before next week.