Out on Delivery

Walk 206: Tuesday 5 July

Today: View from smokers corner at Delivery Office: Intentional and unintentional plants, The Cedars: Natural forms, Church Avenue: Verge foliage, Church Avenue

Plenty of politics in the office, strikes are looming, managers and posties. Letter volumes are still falling. Yesterday it was announced that there will be no overtime paid. We decide to work to our timings and to take our allotted 20 min break before heading out on delivery. I find a quiet spot outside in the smokers corner and enjoy a coffee.

Delivering City Council letters, which go to every address. Despite thinning we have too much to deliver, in the time, and so have to bring some back to deliver tomorrow.

Driving yet another different van since our van developed an engine fault yesterday and only just made it back to the office. Handbrake on opposite side but a tighter turning circle. The extra concentration of adjusting to the new vehicle and the stress of too much to deliver in the time make for a tiring day.

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