Out on Delivery: Mon 5 Sept

Today: A moment in Eagle Walk.

Moral is low in the sorting office as we arrive to frames still filled with letters and yet more mountains of sorting and parcels. We prioritise walk 211 and the sections of 206 we missed on Saturday. Hard to leave mail sat in the frame knowing it will not be delivered until tomorrow. Economists and Beano comics, which usually get delivered Saturday are sat waiting to be delivered as I type.

Delivery Office is hot and I am in a lick of sweat before the walk is set in. Tired of feeling permanently sweaty, bored of the little drips of sweat drip off my nose and ready for the weather to turn colder. 28 degrees registers on my car thermometer as I drive home.

Students and traffic are back at City College after the summer, but Ipswich road closures remain. Not feeling so keen for the upcoming strike days this Thursday and Friday as the knock on disruption is so tiring. Fingers crossed a resolution is found soon.

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